Personalized AI agenton your own data

Production-grade LLM application orchestration

Connect your private data sources instantly

Cortex lets you customize input data to train AI assistants for tasks specific to your business needs.

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Google Drive

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Local Files


Conversational assistant for general purpose QA

Chat UI enables your team to create copilots that are adaptive to any day-to-day interactions, with memory enabled.

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Your private data belongs to you

We enable data security from ML models to endpoints. Private model hosting are available for Enterprise plans

Enterprise Use Cases

Unlock cross-team functioning with our highly customizable question answering assistants, guided by AI and your product documentations

Supercharge response time with an intelligent QA assistant

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, Cortex can quickly analyze customer inquiries and provide accurate and efficient solutions to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Elevate your customer support experience to new heights!

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Add superpowers to your AI copilots

The development infrastructure powering Cortex supports versatile building blocks that allows developers to elevate their copilot's intelligence and relevancy to their use cases

Google Search

Enable copilots internet access with Google Search

SQL Connector

Connect DB so copilots answer are user specific

Web Crawler

Supercharge your copilots to browse the internet


instantly connect to thousands more apps

API Calls

Supports any REST API and GraphQL


Enable memory to allow answering with context

VectorDB Retrieval

Built-in VectorDB and semantic search

And more!

Tons of exciting features are in the works!

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